Easiest way to sell gift vouchers on your website with a simple button

Get enhanced gift vouchers visibility, more sales and a simplified buying process for your customers without compromising the user experience.

GiftPlugin Popup Form

A gift button on every page. Seamless integration no matter what platform your website is built on.

Enhanced Visibility

The option to buy a voucher is available on every page in the form of a gift button positioned on the bottom of the screen.

Increased Sales

With 24/7 availability, customers can now surprise their loved ones with the perfect gift wherever they are.

Simplified Buying Process

Sleek and user-friendly gift voucher form without multiple steps. Purchasing is quick and effortless even for non-techy people.

Complete Gift Vouchers Management System

Notebooks are a thing of the past. Create, redeem and manage all gift vouchers in the cloud.

Time Saving

Your team no longer has to spend hours each week organising gift vouchers. Now they can shift their attention to different tasks.

Gift Vouchers as Rewards

Running competitions or need to reward a loyal customer? The perfect solution to send gift vouchers from your dashboard.

Unlimited Team Members

Add your whole team at no extra cost to keep everyone up to date. Set the role of your members to create no confusion.


Eight different colours to match the design of your website. Position the gift button on the side of the screen that works best for you.

Reports & Analytics

Easily track all the sales to efficiently analyse and plan your next steps on marketing strategies.

Secure Payments

We are working with Stripe to safely accept all major credit/debit cards. Simply connect/create your Stripe account to accept payments.

Simple Pricing. Pay as you go.

You only get charged when a gift voucher is sold. No hidden fees. No surprises.

3.9% + 30¢
Including credit / debit card fees
  • No setup fees
  • Zero fees for customers
  • Cancel at any time
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited gift vouchers
  • Dedicated customer support
Fees breakdown
  • Gift Voucher Value $100
  • Our Fees (3.9% + 30¢) $4.2
  • Total after fees $95.8