GiftPlugin how it works

A gift button on every page of your website

Get ready to sell gift vouchers 24/7 and create a new revenue stream in just a few minutes.

How to get started

Sign Up

Once you enter your basic and business information on the Create Account page, we will walk you through the rest of the setup steps.

Payments Setup

The second step is to connect to your Stripe account to securely accept credit/debit cards. If you don't have an account, creating one is a straight forward process.

Install the Plugin

The third and final step is to copy & paste the generated code on your website. In this section, you can also customise the colour of the button and the voucher template.

How customers buy gift vouchers

When customers visit your website to buy a gift voucher, they will click on the gift button at the bottom of the screen which will open the purchasing form on the same page. Once the form is submitted the purchase is complete.

The customer receives an email with the confirmation and the gift voucher attached to it. You will also receive an email for every purchase.

Start selling gift vouchers from every page of your website