Simplifying gift vouchers management for your business.

Your business journey began with a vision that today translates into quality service and great experiences your customers enjoy sharing with people they love.

Having the option to sell gift vouchers online is an amazing way for your customers to delight someone they care about with an experience they will truly appreciate.

We work hard to make your job easier and deliver as much value as possible when it comes to gift vouchers. We have the utmost desire to help you grow this side of your business with software that empowers you to streamline the buying process for your customers, keep your team in sync and save you time in the process.

We are a passionate and dedicated team of two:
- Ellie is the heart of GiftPlugin, she focuses her daily tasks on connecting with new customers and helps businesses make the most of their gift vouchers.
- Alex is the brain of GiftPlugin, he takes care of engineering, marketing and dedicated customer support.

GiftPlugin is an excellent choice for hospitality, beauty, retail and entertainment industries.

Alex Petrea

Ellie Rogoz

Co-Founder / Sales

Alex Petrea

Alex Petrea

Founder / Marketing